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The new FASB accounting standard on Current Estimated Credit Loss (“CECL”) has been nothing short of a nightmare for most banks and credit unions everything from interpreting the guidelines, to evaluating what your earnings and capital may look like under this standard, to trying to wade through the overwhelming number of vendors pitching their black box software packages.

ONLY CECL Solution
That Also Evaluates
Inherent Risk &
Loan Officer Performance

Platinum Risk Advisors (PRA) enters the fray to solve these problems by offering you something completely different – an outsourced solution delivering you with loan and risk management reports you could only dream of, that oh by the way, also includes CECL compliant calculations under three separate methods. The basis of the PRA solution – our Loan Portfolio Analytics Platform – provides more than “check the boxes” of what a real loan analytics firm should be doing:

The Only CECL Solution Requiring 10-minutes of Internal Staff Time

PRA considers the views of a bank or credit union board of directors and president / CEO who strives to better understand the inherent risk in their institution’s loan portfolio, increase the yields and fee income earned, and to properly measure the performance of his or her institution’s loan officers.

PRA understands the CECL model you choose will be subject to considerable testing and scrutiny by third parties. Our reporting includes easy to validate supporting schedules to ensure our CECL calculations and management reports are transparent and easy to test for your auditors and regulators.

PRA considers how other financial professionals bring different perspectives to the biggest accounting change in history to your industry. We have teamed up with an expert partner from the actuarial profession who has been making loss calculations similar to CECL  for 30+ years.  As the only provider that includes actuaries we can provide unique insights.

PRA considers how our outsourced solution will shift your internal staff’s time spent away from the “production” of CECL calculations and reports and more towards the “analysis and proactive management stage” so the board of directors, credit committee, and the asset liability committee have a 360-degree view on the inherent risk, profitability, and growth within your loan portfolio.

Our Solution is hosted by Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) providing you with the same protection as the world’s largest internet retailer.

The PRA outsourced solution is nothing short of a seismic shift in loan management reporting, so you uncover opportunities, identify areas dragging down financial expectations, and generate your CECL accrual for the balance sheet. Want to make more money and easily set your CECL accrual?

Begin the journey now by choosing PRA’s Loan Analytics Portfolio Platform outsourcing solution!


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